Wow… I’m legit impressed at his sense of balance and coordination :O 

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Am I the only one?

Me show my bro an Anime.

Bro : Wow! This one is amazing. How did you find that one?

<Long Pause>

Me : I’ve read some reviews.

(Better not tell him I knew it from Yaoi/DJ)


Oh my dear fucking god…my life as I know it is OVER. OVER. OVER!!!!!!!!!

I am making weird noises…dying wheezing squeaking…expiring into a puddle on the floor. MY LIFE AS I KNOW IT IS OVER!!!!!!

Melodramatic much? This is Kim Fucking Jaejoong. He gets all my drama.

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in which Jaejoong trapezoids hearts you

in which Jaejoong trapezoids hearts you

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